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302 Studios

302 Studios is a creative organization dedicated to the development of simulation and gaming software. Rooted in Orlando, we strive to create innovative and engaging experiences while grappling with new and emerging technologies. Through collaboration with experienced developers, we aim to contribute to the growth of the interactive media world – in our products, culture, and ambition.

6 Eyes Studio

6 Eyes Studio is composed primarily of Christina Leclerc and Pierre Leclerc. it was created for the upcoming release of their first project together, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark.
Christina and Pierre have more than 15 years of experience in the video game/tabletop industry and Pierre was one of the founders of Studio Archcraft, the studio responsible for Black Sigil: Blade of the Exile on NDS.
After Studio Archcraft closed, they moved to sunny Florida to eventually start 6 E...

A&B Game Studios

A&B Game Studios is a video game development company comprised of 2 avid gamers, Alvin and Bryan, who sought to turn their passion into a business. Alvin is an artist who went to school for Digital Animation and Visual Effects. Bryan is a Project Manager and Programmer with a degree in Computer Engineering. They came together with their complementary skills to become game developers and try their hand at pursuing a lifelong love.

Astro Crow

Astro Crow is an indie game studio based in Orlando, FL. We make games with our friends for you to enjoy with your friends!

At World's End

Back in the 1400's it was a commonly held belief that if you sailed far enough from shore eventually you would sail off the edge of the world. What existed beyond the edge was truly unknown, though some believed that if you crossed that edge you may enter a new world filled with adventure and mystery. At World's End is about crossing that edge and exploring waters of game design that have not yet been explored. With a team of six we intend to chart the seas at the worlds end.

Bad Pilcrow/ThatWhichIs Media

Bad Pilcrow and ThatWhichIs Media are development companies owned and operated by David Sushil and Corey Cochran, respectively. They formed from genetic material in the wombs of their respective mothers. They are very respectful.

Black Banshee Studios

We make fun and modern games for the masses.
Black Banshee Studios, Games to Die For™.

We can be your partner, third party developer and or black box developer's just ask!

Gerard M. - Executive Producer and Vision Leader
Raja S. - Art Director
Uma S. - Technical Director

Blacksea Odyssey

Peter Milko, Art Director
Peter Milko specializes in art.

Sean Pinnock, Technical Director
Sean Pinnock specializes in programming.

PJ Legendre, Producer
Percy Legendre specializes in project management.

Get to know us better at


Breadboard is a small startup in Orlando that got started by automating processes in Excel VBA for businesses, and we've grown into a small engineering team developing custom (soft|hard)ware to make our clients' lives easier. At the root of it: we want to create innovative and smart technology to help with our users' daily personal and professional lives.

20% of our developers' time is required to be something of their choosing. So, we're now creating o...

Bring Some Games

Formed in 2016, Bring Some Games is a new venture designed to further the development and promotion of table top games for a wide audience of all ages. Starting with the creative endeavors of its founder, Brian Sheehan and its flagship title, Lazy Sherpa, Bring Some Games looks to bring fun and innovation into the world of table-top gaming.

CelleC Games

We develop fun and engaging educational games for schools and the corporate sector.
Learn As You Play™.

Contact us today...

Cherry Pie Games

We are 4 young professionals who met at the University of Central Florida and forged their synergy and skills in class projects, international competitions and game jams. Today, the team develops from their Downtown Orlando office and works closely with Indiebox, Chronosapien and Phyken Media. From our Orlando Game Space, we work on Tacopocalypse, Emmerholt and various contracts!

Chronosapien Interactive

We are an interactive media studio that focuses on applications utilizing emerging media technology. We love getting our hands on the latest and greatest tech and making amazing experiences with it. Our team is three strong, with members coming from UCF's Digital Media program, and we all have a passion for making and playing games. Our belief is to make experiences that have a unique feel and heart, and to let players influence our direction in creating the games that they will end up p...

Continuum Studio

At Continuum Studio, we are committed to the fusion of fun and learning. We make games that provide endless entertainment and discovery for kids of all ages. Our aim is to inspire the next generation by opening a portal into the imagination. This means developing information-rich games centered around everyday themes, like nutrition, health, genetics, science, and more. Our vision is to change the way kids (and kid-like grownups) think about and play video games.

Depth First Games

Depth First Games was founded in 2010 as a creative outlet for experienced game developers. Our focus is to produce high quality games in our spare time.

DeveloPurr Studios

Just me and it formed when I was born I guess.


Doombrowski is a game development company currently consisting of Ryan Dombrowski as the sole member. He has many years of experience in physical and digital arts including drawing, painting, animating, vector art, pixel art, typesetting, advertising media, logo design, video effects and editing, and music writing, performing, and producing. He also does programming using GML, level design, GUI design, and optimizes player experience through elegant teaching mechanisms.

Dream Beacon

Dream Beacon is an independent video game development company based in Orlando, Florida. Our vision is delivering well-polished and exciting games to as many people as possible. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and obsession with quality.

Free Dominion Studios, LLC.

Free Dominion Studios is a small independent game studio developing engaging online user experiences, memorable characters and vast worlds to explore. Our mission is to deliver the ultimate online user experience. Our goal is to create the most memorable characters and introduce users to worlds beyond imagination.

Gamer's Rise

Gamer's Rise was founded by Aaron Griffith, a veteran music industry professional with some new ideas for video games. With no prior experience in game development he reached out and eventually found Kevin McCorkle, an aspiring indie game developer. They teamed up to make some prototypes, and once they had a solid foundation Kevin went to his old friend Ricardo Escobar for his artistic touch. The 3 formed a solid team and charged ahead to create their first full-fledged game: eMe's ...

Ghost Gorilla Games

Ghost Gorilla Games was formed by a group of juniors and seniors to tackle a tight development cycle of 4 months to create a video game as a capstone project for DIG 4275 at the University of Central Florida.

Ghost Party

Ghost Party is a small team of game design students (now graduates) at UCF. Members of the team have worked on previous titles shown at Indienomicon such as CatFish and Planetes.

The team consist of:

Patricio Delgado: Creative Director, Lead Programmer, Rigging & Animation

Jarrett Rhodes: Producer, Environment Design, 3D Art, UI

Gabe Avila: Art Lead, Character Design

Jose Marrero: Rigging & Animating, 3D Art

Gravity Whale Games

We are a small indie game studio developing captivating video games and experiences in Orlando, Florida. Our first title, spaceBOUND was originally created at the 2016 Orlando Indiegalactic Space Jam. spaceBOUND was received well by the community, which gave us confidence that our game is very fun. After some planning and organization we founded Gravity Whale Games in January 2017.

Hamhock Games

Hamhock Games is an Orlando based gamedev team composed of UCF students who began working together at a Game-Jam in 2014. The team currently is developing CatFish, an open-world fishing and adventure game slated to release in 2016.

Hashbang Games

Our company Hashbang Games is a family & friend owned Indie development studio. We combine our passion for games with our technical expertise. We focus on high quality scalable architectures in our coding, design and planning all to make great quality games for mobile, desktop and VR platforms.


Founded in 2014, Heroic-Stand is a small team comprised of experienced professionals in all disciplines of game development from 2D art, 3D technical art, and programming. We can assist your project through rapid prototyping or full development of core features and gameplay elements. We can take your ideas through all phases of development from design, to art production, to engineering.

Major Games

The independent company the founded in 2014, abides by one single rule: we only make games we would love (as consumers). Our main philosophy is to try not to limit ourselves on the possibilities to come, meaning that we will work on products that we believe will provide amazing experiences to the gaming community, including physical games, virtual realities and other formats we would appreciate working with in the future.
Currently working on: BiT Evolution, Vectromirror and Not Witho...

Orlando Game Space

A diverse collection of game studios creating high quality games and interactive media both individually and collaboratively to produce amazing products.

Outhouse Games

Outhouse Games was founded in 2013 by Phil Bias (artist & programmer) and Chris Borden (business manager, art, audio). Bethany Borden (audio, social media) is also an original team member. Since Oct. 2015, we've also added Matt Graham (animation), Adam Fores (3D modeling), and Pam Werrell (programming) to the team, all D.A.V.E. School alumni. Our studio is currently in Apopka, FL. We develop mobile games, corporate apps, and VR/AR experiences.

Overnight Games Team

The Overnight Games Team was created after the 2017 Orlando Global Game Jam, where we created our first demo game, "TipToe".


Paragonyx launched in early 2015 with its sight set on creating high-quality video games and becoming the standard for independent game development. Many years in the making, the company is the culmination of experience, skill, and desire. Amazing things happen when video game enthusiasts and creative people come together as Paragonyx aims to bring fun and unique experiences to a device near you.

Peter & Corey Super Team Up

The Pencil Pushers are two guys from Orlando Florida, Peter Smith and Corey Cochran, that were forced to sharpen too many pencils as children and dreamed of one day playing a video game with those pencil sharpeners.

Reality Shift Studios

It's mostly just me Theory Georgiou. I collaborate with studios, artists and devs all around the world to create progressive and fulfilling games.
We owe the artwork of Fire With Fire to Brian Shepard and the music to Stephen D. Gibson.

Red Rat Games

I am the founder and sole recurring member of Red Rat Games, but enlist the help of my colleagues on certain stages of development. Although a lone designer, my games focus on unique ways of cooperation, multiplayer gameplay and innovative ways of using common game mechanics. Whether it be relying on your enemies' mistakes to succeed, or simultaneously splitting your attention between two characters to accomplish your goals, Red Rat Games will push to redefine the idea of conventional ga...

Space Beagles

A collective of indie game developers, designers and artists. Currently working on Butt Sniffin Pugs a game for all ages that's just about having fun.

Steamroller Studios

Steamroller Studios is a family-centric workplace, which hopefully shows through our games. We aspire to create artistically driven games with a focus on storytelling. It is our goal to deliver a game-play experience that is both fun and unique.

TBA Games

TBA Games is a cross-platform media company focused on making innovative science-fiction games, apps, and entertainment—with an emphasis on the science. Co-founders Erica Holcomb and Cameron Bolinger started TBA Games for the purpose of promoting public awareness of science through well-researched and well-crafted entertainment.

Team A For Effort

Team A For Effort is a one-man game jam team formed by Brian Folley for the Something Awful Game Dev Challenge, which took place over the course of July 2015.

It is named 'A For Effort' in honor of those who work hard in game jams to finish their project, even if the end result is not very good. The game I made last year, 'Anime Club Text Quest' was very much an example of that.

This year, I made 'Slide, Crash, Bounce.' in order to s...


Teeps is an Orlando, FL based Mobile App Development team founded in 2012. We typically build apps for businesses and entrepreneurs, but have a passion for gaming. As such, we like to build games of our own.

Tendershoot / A Jolly Corpse

Dropsy is a joint effort between Jay Tholen (Tendershoot) and A Jolly Corpse:

Hi, I'm Jay, Dropsy's dad. I started making games in the late nineties upon joining a community centered around Clickteam's software, Klik & Play. Those early years (seriously, I was like 13 years old) taught me how to push pixels, track music, be a jerk on forums, and introduced me to a few of the rad dudes I work with today. Namely Jesse, David, and Beau of A Jolly Corpse.

The DAVE School

The DAVE School Game Production Class is a team of students in their final production weeks before graduation. This program is designed to provide a unique professional experience. Using original concept art and game design docs, our students create all the art assets necessary to produce a playable demo. Using competitive industry standard software, they learn how to integrate their work into a game engine.

The Defy Studio

After graduating from Full Sail and working in the industry for a year, we thought we would just go hard and make a studio of our own. Since inception, we have worked on several initial titles as demo work (Tyro and L1X0) as we worked on gathering the tightest team we could. After two years of working, we have come together working on our first mobile title, Infiknight.

Third Time, Inc

Third Time, Inc. is an independent development studio in Orlando, FL, currently comprised of 3 veteran game developers.

Founder / CEO: Ian Cummings
Studio Art Director: Brian Fleming
Studio Tech Director: Paul Fleetwood

Third Time has released and continues to work on the game "Photo Finish Horse Racing", the #1 horse racing game worldwide on iOS and Android.

Top Shelf Studios

Top Shelf Studios started as a team of 14 University of Central Florida students, created as a pseudo name for a game design workshop course. To several team members, this class is the final senior project under a B.A. Digital Media of Game Design degree.

Team Roster:
-Tyler Quillen
-Alexander Frant
-Zackary Henderson
-Brian Chan
-Tevin Meredith
-Yasiman Ahsani
-Patricio Delgado
-Alina Alikhanyan
-Alex Boyd

Triskelia Games

A very small indie game studio in Tampa, FL. Started as a one person operation making games for Xbox Live Indie Games. Moved from a small Pennsylvania town to Tampa, FL in 2013. Current team size varies.

Tropic Mods Development

Tropic Mods Development is an indie game development studio, where we focus on casual game development. We currently offer game development for Mobile, Web, and the Ouya Console Platforms. While we enjoy casual gaming, we also take on other interactive projects, simulations, educational games and game consulting.

Unified Sounds

Unified Sounds is a team of award winning musicians, producers, editors, and engineers with a passion for creating top-quality content for Film, TV, Web, and Games.

Formed by Stephen Cox, our team of production specialists have had their work featured on a wide range of platforms, including hand held, mobile, and PC titles. We are able to handle all game audio needs, including sound design, music, VO, and implementation.

Unseen Kingdom Studios

Unseen Kingdom Studios is a Florida based indie game development studio founded and operated by sisters Melissa and Amy Lester. Our background in traditional animation contributes to the unique visual style of our games, while a proficiency in low level programming has been a major factor in our unconventional development of well known game genres -- leading to games with a distinct look and gameplay experience.

War Drum Studios

Cutting edge game developer and technology studio founded in 2007. We develop games and game engine technology on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS.

Waveform Logic

Waveform Logic is a software engineering consulting firm founded in 2014, executing management functions for simulation projects in both commercial and government sectors. As a game publisher, we specialize in Virtual and Augmented Reality titles.

See our recent release "Gooblins" on Steam at

What Hands Yield: Games Studio

What Hands Yield: Games Studio makes games that are quirky, novel, and exciting.

Wireframe on Shaded Games

WoS Games was founded in 2015 by a group of Full Sail graduate students looking to make the most of their degree program by making full-fledged games while they were in school. While some members have come and gone due to demanding course loads, and working extra jobs, there has always been a core group of four members acting as studio leads. After our first alpha, we went through a small, but successful Kickstarter campaign, and now we're running full steam ahead.

ZoneWalker Games LLC

We are committed to bringing you an exciting, unforgettable, action-packed fighting game experience. We are a 3 man team with one programmer and 3 artists. from left to right: Philip Johnson(Programmer/3D Artist), Jeremiah Johson (Concept Artist), Jeff kious(3D Artist/ Concept Artist).

Zoxide Games

Zoxide Games is a one-person video game company created by me, Nick Pettit. My goal with Zoxide Games is to simply create fun games and experiences.

My current project is Neptune Flux, a deep sea adventure game that takes place in the future. You take on the role of an employee working for a dystopian corporation called AQUA, carrying out their oceanic operations. This is a game that can be experienced with or without a virtual reality headset; it’s up to you!

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