Indienomicon events feature games created by indie developers that are local to the Central Florida area. Here you’ll find all the games that have been presented at past events. If you’d like to come to our next event, check out the home page for details.

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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

6 Eyes Studio

Fell Seal: Arbiter's mark is a classic tactical RPG inspired by the greats, like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre.
The game features striking fully hand-drawn 2D art and an original score.


The Defy Studio

An Idle RPG and Dungeon Crawling mashup focusing on character customization and equipment resource management developed for a mobile platform.

Minions 4 Less: Full Service

Ghost Party

Minions 4 Less: Full Service is a quirky puzzle platformer in which the player must create a path for their minion to reach the portal at the top to be summoned, but watch out for traps and hazards!

Keep It Up

Keep It Up is a simple 1v1 multiplayer game about two kids playing keep it up with a ball. Except it isn't two kids, it's two robots, they're in an experiment, they can fight, and the world is ending.

Terra Mango


Terra Mango is a Location-Based Strategy Game. You build combat, research, and resource towers to claim real world territory for your race and to grow your empire.

Orbital Trail: Lonely Pluto

What Hands Yield: Games Studio

Survive the journey to Pluto in Orbital Trail!


The DAVE School

The first of the arcane seals have been broken and Tyto is racing to prevent an irreversible spell. Players adventure through whimsical worlds while avoiding obstacles and retrieving relics.


Ghost Gorilla Games

Planetes tasks the player with guiding a lonely explorer across several planets in her search for a new home.


Overnight Games Team

A first-person suspense game where you are a blind child, using wave sonar to navigate through the house to find your favorite toy. All the while you must avoid a monster who tracks you by your sound!


Gravity Whale Games

A cooperative zero-gravity puzzle-platformer in which players must maneuver around dangerous obstacles and complete puzzles, all while being bound to each other by a tether.

Imperial Missions

The DAVE School

During a full evacuation of the system, navigate the treacherous asteroid belt and utilize your skills as an imperial pilot to make it back to safety!


Waveform Logic

Save yourself from waves of Gooblins! Though appearing cute and cuddly, these creatures are determined to scatter your remains into space with plasma, fireballs, or kamikaze attacks.

Cell Squadron

CelleC Games

Cell Squadron is an educational game that is focused on teaching players some of the basic function of how the human body combats virus and sicknesses.


Top Shelf Studios

Shoot, kick, and detonate your way through a post tech apocalyptic wasteland where robots reign terror upon the resourceful Scrappers. Scrap foes, unlock weapons, and play alone or with friends.

Jai Alai Heroes

Astro Crow

"Jai Alai Heroes" is a four player "couch co-op" game that is a fun, arcade-style version of the relatively obscure sport Jai Alai (think racquetball but with a basket tied to your hand).

Suburban Scavengers


Suburban Scavengers is a tug of war style fighting game where you're trying to get somebody's garbage couch into your house.

Sushi Slap

At World's End

Help Panpan the Sushi Chef make tons of sushi and slap feed waves of hangry eaters before he becomes sushi himself!

Rolliverse: Zepp's Quest

Dream Beacon

Rolliverse is a mobile puzzle/platformer that is inspired by Captain Toad and Marble Madness. Tilt your device to collect as much treasure as you can throughout 30 levels across 6 different planets!

KSC 360 Expedition

Orlando Game Space

Explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Center (KSCVC) Like you never have before in this virtual reality (VR) experience.

Space Dreams VR

Orlando Game Space

Discover space like you never have before. Venture into our solar system to explore the different planets, and see the tools that NASA has used and will use to explore past the bounds of our planet.

Edge of Home

Orlando Game Space

Explore the International Space Station (ISS) like only astronauts have. See what it is like to take a spacewalk with a NASA astronaut guide and learn about each part of the ISS.

The Concourse

A&B Game Studios

The Concourse is a multiplayer foot racing game in which players race against their friends, conquer obstacles and dodge energy attacks to try to reach the flag first.


CelleC Games

LoreKeeper: The Song of Two Swords, is an action packed visual novel style game designed to encourage player’s interest in Arthurian Legend.

Photo Finish Horse Racing

Third Time, Inc

Photo Finish Horse Racing is a mobile horse racing simulation game where you train, breed, and race your way across the globe in order to create a Championship Stable.


Major Games

A unique action-puzzle platforming experience where you follow the story of an android, who is seemingly the last piece of intelligent “life” on the planet.

Bash the Vote 2016

Outhouse Games

Bash the Vote 2016 is a 3 dimensional whack-a-mole style game for mobile devices with a Celebrity Death Match feel! We have replaced the moles with 3D versions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

Dess M-8


Dess M-8 is a designed for mobile, frantic yet soothing arcade style time attack puzzle shooter with 50+ levels, upgradeable items, and lots of unlockables.

Artisan: Going Home Again

Unseen Kingdom Studios

A slice of life-sim/rpg about a clumsy waitress who, trying to save her childhood home, gives up her safe but ill fitting job to pursue an unlikely career in the one thing she's actually good at: Art.


A young girl named Maya embarks on an adventure to vanquish the Demon King and his invading officers from her country in a Gameboy-inspired RPG.

Butt Sniffin Pugs

Butt Sniffin Pugs is a 2-Player Explorathon that is literally enhanced by your ability to run like a dog and sniff butts. A game for all ages that's just about having fun.

Produce Panic

Continuum Studio

Find the source of the Zombie Vegetable threat and eliminate the target without prejudice. You have the lives of an entire nation of produce resting on your shoulders. Good luck!


Cherry Pie Games

Brave the wild frontiers with your horse and soul-syphoning head to save your village of Emmerholt from the Headless Horseman. Utilizes VR and hand tracking.

Time To Die: Adventures

Bad Pilcrow/ThatWhichIs Media

Embark on a dangerous journey through winding caverns and treacherous ruins, collecting treasure and battling monsters! TTD: Adventures is a top-down dungeon-crawler, inspired by classic arcade games.


TBA Games

PeriAreion is a Mars colonization game that puts you in control of the world’s first extraterrestrial outpost. Recruit your team from over 20 different countries and travel to the Red Planet.

Planet 1138

Triskelia Games

Planet 1138 is a vehicle based action game with a heavy emphasis on strategy. It is available on Steam, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.


Tendershoot / A Jolly Corpse

Dropsy is a non-traditional take on the classic point and click adventure formula starring the game’s perpetually carefree namesake clown as he explores a richly detailed world. Also, hugs.

Gravity Ark

What Hands Yield: Games Studio

Use black holes to propel humanity to safety from a supernova!


The DAVE School

In a time of Guari need, only you can leap into action as Sloki end the expansion of Dr Tezca's biological menagerie. Sloki's brawn and speed is vital to saving all Guari friends in time!

Sun Sentinels

Wireframe on Shaded Games

Sun Sentinels is an Egyptian themed 3D tower defense game, uniquely featuring optical illusion puzzles, and map editing mechanics.


Hashbang Games

Hack away at endless enemy hordes in Obslashin', the compulsive combat clicker! Slash through bosses, crash through barrels, and loot everything you can as you delve into the deepest dungeons.


Hashbang Games

Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that will test your tolerance for pain.

Mage Guard: The Last Grimoire

Hashbang Games

Endless Survival for the Oculus Rift including functionality for the NOD ring

Lazy Sherpa

Bring Some Games

Lazy Sherpa is a card game where 2-6 players must cooperate to help escort their guide up a mountain by trading resources and avoiding death.

Chill Billy


The story of a Hillbilly and his Goat...


Astro Crow

Quiz yourself on the most commonly misused English words!


TBA Games

Geosync is a mobile game in which payers have to navigate a satellite around various planets in the solar system while avoiding obstacles.

Blacksea Odyssey

You play as an old man who has entered the deadliest competition in the galaxy, the "Blacksea Odyssey"! Four of the bravest huntsman compete in capturing bounties for the largest creatures that exist!

Death Kitty

DeveloPurr Studios

Destroy the Death Kitties in their whack-a-mole arcade world! Can you survive?


Cherry Pie Games

Tacopocaylpse is about stunt driving for cash, customizing your cars, unlocking new cities, listening to great music and surviving crazy disasters with your friends.

turtle tumble

War Drum Studios

Tumble across a mini golf course as ollie the turtle or ollie's family as you rescue turtles, find outfits, and discover secrets! You are the ball as you bend, burst and tumble to victory.

Dig 4 Dino

CelleC Games

Dig 4 Dino is a fast-paced, exploration runner game.

Tiny Teeny

Black Banshee Studios

This is Simple mobile Twin-Birds game with simple controls, Tap on either sides of the screen to fly both the birds to the new distance. Collect coins and convert them to lives to revive the birds.

Sumo Sumo

Black Banshee Studios

Fight against the world heaviest Sumo Sumos!

Periodic Table

CelleC Games

Periodic Table Game is a fun educational game, designed to teach and test the player’s knowledge of the periodic table.

Slide, Crash, Bounce.

Team A For Effort

Slide, Crash, Bounce. is a fast-paced, no-friction driving simulation that's all about driving too fast, crashing into things, and bouncing all over the place.


302 Studios

A fast-paced multiplayer third person aerial combat game. And yes, there's dragons.

Immortal Fray

ZoneWalker Games LLC

Immortal Fray is a 2.5D fighter with traditional 1v1 combat.

eMe's Launchpad

Gamer's Rise

eMe's Launch Pad is an arcade breakout-like game for Android, iOS and Amazon devices. Use your launcher to launch up, get past the bad eMeians and break the cage to save your friends!

War Fighters The Card Game

Tropic Mods Development

War Fighters is a unique, two (2) player, traditional card game that incorporates aspects from four (4) different card games, in a lightning fast paced game.

Push & Pull

Red Rat Games

Players must take on the roles of the brothers: Push and Pull and make their way through the different levels using their unique abilities.

eMe's Launch Pad

eMe's Launch Pad is a puzzle game which requires the player to choose the appropriate angle, speed, and strategy to break the cage where eMe's friends have been captured by the eMeians.


Hamhock Games

CatFish is an open-world fishing and adventure game where players assume the role of a cat that must sail the seas in search of the world's greatest fish. Fish, collect, and explore in CatFish!

Rally Copters

Depth First Games

Rally Copters is a game where the player controls various types of helicopters with the purpose of navigating obstacle courses as quickly as possible.

Temple Tap


Test your memory as you explore an endless temple filled with stunning environments, challenging puzzles and mysterious treasures in an all new adventure for iOS and Android Devices!

Pencil Pushers

Peter & Corey Super Team Up

Pencil Pushers is a game that sets players against each other in an effort to escape detention. The player that manages to sharpen more of the teachers pencils is free to leave, while the other is doo

Fire With Fire Tower Attack and Defense

Reality Shift Studios

Environmentally aware two player tower defense with an offensive twist and online cross play between all ports. Protect the Trees!


Cherry Pie Games

Hollow is an atmospheric hayride/horseback riding horror experience in a little world we created based off the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Play on your desktop with Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

Steamroller Studios

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is about scavenging for materials, securing by day, and surviving the night.

Neptune Flux

Zoxide Games

Neptune Flux is a story-driven, open world adventure game set in a sci-fi ocean full of mystery and haunting beauty. Discover supernatural wreck sites, ancient artifacts, and dark secrets.

Time To Die: Dungeons

Bad Pilcrow/ThatWhichIs Media

One touch dungeon-crawling action!

Space Between

Chronosapien Interactive

Space Between is an underwater adventure game that lets players use their hands and head to control different sea creatures and machines as they dive deep toward the depths of the ocean.


Check out these games that have presented at Indienomicon in the past! Game pages for these are coming soon.

The Thieving Tower

Terncraft Games

Scale the tower, avoid the traps, steal the treasure, and win the heart of the princess. Who would have thought a day's work could be this much fun? Avaiable now for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and NOOK.

My Imaginary Friends

Team Redundancy Team

The only friends are the ones you make. Mallory awakes in a mysterious mansion, with only her make-believe childhood companions for company. Now she must use their fanciful abilities to survive in this exciting action-adventure game coming soon for the PC.

Wizard Ops Tactics

Phyken Media

Are YOU ready to command a crazy commando team known as the Wizard Ops? Prepare to BATTLE your friends and the rest of the world to see who is the ULTIMATE Wizard Commander! Magically appearing soon on your smartphone, tablet, and computer!

Mac the Lion Tamer

Non Sequitur Theatre

Mac starts on his hometown pier. A normal boring, crappy pier. Except Lions have been making the place even crappier. Save your pier by throwing crap at those rascally lions to draw them out. And then throw up on them.


Sky Parlor Studios

Trickochet is a dexterity-based flicking game where you are pitted against another player in a race for points. Armed with a variety of other pieces, and using their unique abilities, you must capture your opponent's Core to score points. Be careful though, winning a point earns a new piece for your opponent to use against you. Only through skill, strategy, and maybe a bit of luck will you be able to emerge victorious!


Adroit Assembly

PIHT: Placed In Hell Tunnels is a top-down dungeon crawler that challenges your problem-solving skills. When the castle of Bathos El Fins rose from the Earth in the middle of your town, you were chosen to put a stop to his tyrannical rule. Pick up your weapon - fight to restore peace to your home!


First5 Games

Cling! is an exciting and action-packed, first-of-its-kind 'pegformer' that stars Edgar, a tiny sticky octopus toy who has just received the rare honor of having an owner! Unfortunately, his capsule breaks on the way out of his vending machine and is now trapped! Can you help him gain sweet freedom and avoid certain death at the hands of popular video game hazards such as spikes, falls, and the always dreaded electricity?

A Shadow Forever

ThatWhichIs Media

A Shadow Forever is a 2D puzzle platformer with thematic horror elements. As a sleeper agent of the Dream Factory, you dream not for yourself, but for the survival of sanity in others. You fight the nightmares; but what's to keep you from falling into bitterness and becoming the very thing you fight? It's happened before. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Rise of the Ravager

Gentleman Squid Studio

Rise of the Ravager is arcade action best described as a blending of Guitar Hero and Missile Command. A god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. Seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent his avatar from destroying all. Play alone, or invite three friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color. Large boss fights, multiple landscapes, unfolding mythology - preventing the End of Time is an entertaining challenge.


Depth First Games

Like the games of yore the ultimate goal of GelaTennis is simply to achieve the highest score. That objective can be achieved best by keeping the most balls alive for the longest possible time. In short, having two balls for a minute is fine, but having 4 balls for 20 seconds is great.



Save the Quibbles! Quibbles is a unique fast-paced puzzle game for tablets and phones. Dr. Rockerschmoker can't keep track of his cute, but mischievous creations. Outsmart and capture the little monsters by building mazes and using power-ups. Lure the Quibbles to the traps and rescue them before they are lost! How many Quibbles can you capture?

Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad

Terncraft Games

In Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad, the faculty, staff, and students of John Brummel University must combat hordes of invading monsters. To do so, they'll need Battle Dice - ancient and terrible tools of war that turn ordinary Yacht-like dice games into blood sport. Be bold: explore the grounds, fight the monsters, and unlock the secrets of John Brummel University!

Waking Amy

Martian Media Inc.

Waking Amy is a 2.5D combat platformer about a young girl that is in a dream world due to being in a coma after a tragic accident. She becomes the first human test subject of a new medical technology which claims to safely wake coma patients. Inside Amy's dream world she runs into figments of her imagination in all shapes and sizes. Also inhabiting her mind are her imaginary friend creatures who protect her and give her the tools she needs for her journey.

Rise From Perdition

Team Pixelated Dreams

Rise From Perdition is a slow paced 2.5D exploration platformer that takes place in Hell. As a young boy named Billy, your goal is to use your soul powers to solve the puzzles of Hell and escape. It is set in a dark cave setting filled with traps, imps, demons and wraiths.

The Last Ace of Space

Astro Crow

Ace and his trusty friend Rocket-Pig crash land on a strange alien world. This world just so happens to be teeming with a group of very hostile aliens that are HECK-BENT on making sure you are... well... making sure that you are... dead. Now, with no other choice, Ace and Rocket-Pig must traverse this alien landscape, jumping, running, shooting, sliding, (even dodging puking aliens) to escape countless horrors!


TBA Games

Designed for tablets and PC, Periareion (which means "the closest approach to Mars") is a strategy game in which the enemy you face isn't a horde of alien beings, but the inhospitable climate of the Red Planet itself. This space-colonization sim - inspired by recent proposals by organizations like NASA and Mars One - uses existing research and technology to create a believable, breathtaking game world for players to discover.


X Plus Products

Commander-in-Chief is a fun game of strategy where players try to capture their opponent's commander or outscore their opponent over a specified period of time. A unique combination of chess and checkers, the battlefields in this game are air, land, and sea.


Joe Rowles

Join the mad rush to become the world's leading evil genius by building a monster from, uh... unused bits and pieces.

Battle of the Bands!: The Card Game

Skauld Studios

Battle of the Bands!: The Card Game challenges players to form a band, compete against other players, win the hearts of fans and be the first to sign a contract. This game will have you and your friends laughing out loud, screaming your fans names, singing at the top of your lungs, and becoming the band leader you never knew you could be.

Goblin Warfare

Swarm of Dice

Prove that you are the ultimate Goblin King by having the largest... stack of Goblins of course! Goblin Warfare is a deck building game with PvP elements. Customize your deck and build your stacks as the game progresses.

Oculus Maximus

Raging Goat

Oculus Maximus is the ultimate gladiator combat experience in virtual reality. Enjoy true one to one positional sword movement using the Razer Hydra and see your world through the eyes of a gladiator via the Oculus Rift. The game is based on a physics system which requires you to swing hard to damage and dismember opponents. Fight off wave after wave of gladiators in this game demo that you will never forget.

The Virtual FootFlyer

Rob Catto / Depth First Games

Everyone at one time or another has been intrigued by flight, for some of us we have taken it to the point of pursuing that dream. Powered Paragliding is the most inexpensive, least restrictive and personal form of flight. The Virtual FootFlyer is an attempt to provide the experience of flight to those not able, for whatever reason, to take up the real thing.


Patrick Rasmussen and Drew Lietzenmayer

DirtbikeVR utilizes the head tracking in the Oculus Rift VR Headset to track what the player is looking at when racing. The game was made for the Inaugural Oculus VR Game Jam that took place at the end of last summer. DirtbikeVR uses head tracking to bring life to a very needed asset the crowd by letting the player interact with his fans to gain fame and fortune. Coming to KickStarter very soon.


Team Brutal Seesaws

Ziggurat is a puzzle platformer where you play as a treasure hunter seeking the mystical feline gem. Fire, infinite pits, and many other dangers stand in your way as you navigate the evil temple. Use the Oculus Rift to assist you in looking out for dangers and solving the puzzles. Only the bravest adventurers will reach the treasure!

Project VRmor

Crispy Critter Studios

Project VRmor aims to blend the gaming and simulator industries together to let a player control their characters actions with their bodies and minds. This will be accomplished by merging the latest and greatest virtual reality tech available into one suit. Skyrim and Battlefield will be used to demonstrate the system (with limits as they were not designed for VR) until RPG and military style demos are created to demonstrate the fullest extent of the system.


Hapa Games

Ascendant is a 2.5D brawler-roguelike where the player takes on the role of a demigod attempting to usurp the power of an older god. As you play Ascendant, you will find many different kinds of items to increase the power you wield. Each Weapon the demigod finds has unique characteristics that can be used for any play style. Aspects embody the spirit of the Old Gods and change the way a demigod moves and attacks.

Temple Tap

Make-A-Stand Games

Test your memory as you explore an endless temple filled with stunning environments, challenging puzzles and mysterious treasures in an all new adventure for mobile devices. This game has both unique visuals and distinct audio to ensure you Never play the same game twice! Do you have what it takes to survive this excursion?

Three Dead Zed

Gentleman Squid Studio

While breaking out of a testing facility, Three Dead Zed lets you take control of an experimental zombie that can transform into three unique and distinct forms. With quick reflexes, a little problem solving, and some rescued kittens, players make a violent exit that won't be forgotten by their captors. Three Dead Zed is an action puzzle/platformer that features beautifully hand drawn characters and environments.


Smash Games

Magicite is a 2D Multiplayer RPG Platformer with permanent death, crafting, and epic loot. Monsters known as the Scourge have destroyed the Overworld, which has forced the population to seek refuge deep underground. This network of underground passageways is known as Deephaven, a magical and wondrous place teeming with life. Players will have to survive this hostile world by hunting for food, gathering resources, and crafting tools and armor.

Wizard Ops Tactics 2

Phyken Media

Part Action, Part Strategy, Total Wizardry - Battle Friends in Wizard Ops Tactics 2! DISCOVER the secrets of the Wizard Academy, CUSTOMIZE your armies, BATTLE your friends online, and CONQUER a challenging single player Campaign as you show the world that you are the ULTIMATE Wizard Commander! Wizard Ops Tactics 2 is a fun and engaging turn based tactical game that lets you to battle whenever and wherever you like across several devices and platforms.

Omega Hero

Crazy Rock Creative

Play as a protector of the innocent, born to defend small businesses from large corporate takeovers in a side scrolling 3D brawler. In a city that never sweeps, you take control of Omega Hero in a mission to clean the streets of the rotten Dust Bunnies and their evil employer Mr. Boss.

Kitty Katnip

Martian Media Inc.

A puzzle planeteer for ios, android, and Ouya. You play as Chester the hipster cat and your goal is to navigate the galactic dream environments that Chester created and collect all of the chew toys as fast as possible to return home! This is a puzzle game where you compete against your own best times in the game and the fastest times will be sent to an online leaderboard.

Toy Flight Simulator Online

DMT Source

Take to the skies across three exciting levels and five toy aircraft each with their own personality and realistic flight models on an adorable, cartoon scale. Fly online with up to 12 players in this casual toy flight simulator for mobile. Simply tilt to fly and explore new worlds for stars and friends to crash into. Realistic flight simulator combined with fun, casual online play.


Jay Tholen

Dropsy is an open world adventure game with an emphasis on surreal atmospheric elements and environmental storytelling. It extracts the humor and rich narratives from classic adventure games and places them into a unique exploration based framework. You guide Dropsy, a perpetually carefree clown (ex-clown to be precise) through a richly detailed world full of colorful characters and sinister secrets.

Meltdown Mayhem

Shadow Core Labs

It's your first day on the job at the nuclear power plant, and you've got a crisis on your hands! You must outrun the clock, navigate the plant, and overcome fast-paced minigames to prevent the disintegration of the entire town! Can you focus under pressure?!

Tank N Flank

Geared 2 Game Studios

Tank N Flank is a 3D tank simulation built for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Players navigate a realistic tank through enemy territory, clearing obstacles, avoiding hazards, and fighting enemy combatants.

Imperium - Rise of the Sun


The sequel of the Windows Phone RPG of the month (May, 2012) has arrived now for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone, defeat the evil Sun Empire with 80 new Imperators and 100 new attacks, create new strategies, and battle ONLINE for the first time. Capture and conquer with Imperium - Rise of the Sun.

Chest Quest


Help Perry the parrot pirate find treasure on his epic adventure! But look out Shay the shark will try to stop you! This is a memory matching game but it has lots of game modes that make things interesting for puzzle lovers. For example a mimic mode where you must open chests in the same order as Shay the shark!

BiT Evolution

Major Games

BiT: Evolution is a modern-retro platformer that pays homage to video gaming from the 1970's and 80's. The game is single player and follows the story of the main character, BiT. This character starts the game as a simple puck from a video game version of hockey who finds his way outside his world and into the realm of code; A mysterious place found between game levels. There, he explores multiple platformers and game types, with the visual aesthetic of each game evolving with time. BiT also evolves by learning new techniques on his adventures, upgrading himself with new code.

Fire with Fire

Skull Skill Studios

a competitive tower defense game where you use a customized roster of towers and creeps to both attack and defend. Counter your opponent’s strategies in heated one-on-one online matches, or increase your arsenal by completing the single player campaign. Play on desktop, while your opponent plays on a tablet with online cross platform play support.

Damsel in Distress

Outhouse Games

An endless running jumper where you must travel down the ever winding tower to save your damsel in distress.

Pencil Pushers

ThatWhichIsMedia + Peter Smith

Pencil Pushers is a game that sets players against each other in an effort to escape detention. The player that manages to sharpen more of the teachers pencils is free to leave, while the other is doomed to remain in detention FOREVER.


Hamhock Games

Sail, Explore, Collect and Fish. Gear up, ready your whiskers and set out to sea with CatFish in this open world adventure!

Games of CelleC

CelleC Games

We develop customized serious gaming solutions for the educational and corporate sectors.

Super Kawaii Turtle Fighter

Kawaii Interactive

Super Kawaii Turtle Fighter is a fast-paced turtle fighting game where players fight in local multiplayer matches with stretchy necks!

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

Steamroller Studios

You play as Lathe, a teenage woodling and an avid inventor. During your adventure you are accompanied by a stone giant named Roguard. Together you must fight back a horde of wooden zombies, better known as “The Deadwood” and stop their curse from spreading through the land of Knottington.

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