Tales of the Mahabharata

Black Banshee Studios
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Tales of Mahabharata is a Role-Playing Game that takes place in the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata. Take a journey through Time to face Asuras, Rakshasas, and Demigods. The game allows you to take control of different Indian heroes and go through their challenges, and embody their virtues. Play as Bhishma, Arjuna, Karna, and more as you face challenging foes and gain unique powers. See Bhishma become who he is and the vow that he takes. Play through the chain of events that lead to the deaths of some of the most powerful beings in Indian lore. Play as Arjuna as he conquers the world. See Yudhishthira’s coronation as Emperor, and the drama that it entails. Face the trials of gods and kings as you grow in strength and power. Prepare for one of the greatest and most deadly wars of all time, and learn what it means to be a true hero.

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