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Reaver takes place in a cyberpunk setting where the Yellow Skulls gang has taken over the Steiger Consolidated Arms weapons factory. Players enter through the Offices via APC and must fight their way through, down to the factory, and finally the reactor, clearing out all enemies along the way.

Our biggest design goal in Reaver is to make the player feel powerful. We achieve this through giving the player greater strength, durability and mobility than their enemies and then pitting them against hordes of up to 30 opponents at once. Not to mention 15 weapons with varying degrees of destructive potential.

Finally, the biggest feature we fought to implement in our game were finishers. Setting these up was easier said than done but once they were in, they really helped drive home the sensation of power we were trying to provide players with. We also encouraged players to play aggressively and use these finishers by making it the means by which they can recover health.

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